C/N Thematic Map

We are so happy you are here, because that means you are going to read about the new (long term) journey we are about to embark on.

It’s been quite for a while, but we have not been standing still.

Thematic Map Project
Since the genesis of the first iteration of Counter/Narratives back in 2018/2019 it was a wish (and still is) to facilitate different ways of archiving and viewing archives especially when it comes to lived experiences and stories that don’t even reach the institutionalized and formalised archives.

Fast forward to 2023, a lockdown and a few years later – the new team has decided to follow through on an idea that was already in the works since 2018/2019: The thematic map.

We can’t say much yet, but we will be working with new collaborators; focussing a lot on the diaspora of the ABCSSS islands (and in the longer term broader stories of migration) ánd different existing organisations across the (is)lands.

2024 will be the year more content on our thematic map will be shared

Stay tuned – because we will need your help!

A big shout out to the following organisations that have been and will continue to inspire us with their work:
Concrete Blossom, Metro54, Motormond, Caribbean Ancestry Club, Verdedig Noord, PlataformA Aruba, Stichting Rancho Aruba